3 reasons

why RP International is the right cooperation partner for you:


Experience makes all the difference.

I have 22 years of professional experience, 15 in a leading role including 6 years as a Board Member/Managing Director, which had a big impact in my life. My international experience is extensive, including 3 years as a Board Member in Bulgaria, one year in Canada, projects in the UK, USA, France, China and Sweden.


True Clarity through the heart.

As a gestalt therapist and an executive I have learned that effective change is only possible through the application of a high level of awareness, active listening and by striking the right tone at just the right moment. With this approach and attitude, the resulting change can serve the interests of all.


Success is sexy.

Results and success count. They give us inner satisfaction and motivate us to tackle greater challenges.

I want you to be successful by my direct, pragmatic and results-oriented manner.


Executive Coaching

As an executive, responsible for the success of your company, you would like to regain momentum, seek a new path or find a source of energy and reflection to balance your professional and private lives.

You have just taken on an entrepreneurial role or will do so shortly. You would like to use the first 100 days in the most effective way possible and you know you will need the power, endurance and inspiration to succeed. You look for ways to continuously improve the effectiveness of your leadership style and your personal strategies.

RP International is the right sparring partner for you.


Would you like to change jobs and like do it quickly and successfully?

Would you like to review your current situation and develop a complete understanding of your prospects in today‘s market? You would like to have an open conversation, one on one, with someone knowledgeable about the process?

RP International offers tailor-made solutions and personal advice aimed at addressing your aspirations.  Your overarching purpose guides both our approach and and the course of action we recommend.

RP International will clarify how you can best use your current situation to achieve your goal. We will hone your resume and develop an individual placement strategy based on your core competencies.

We will plan your approach to the market using all available channels, including our contacts with headhunters and companies, your personal networks, and your presence on social media.

Finally, RP International will successfully prepare you for interviews with potential employers, support you in the negotiation process for your new contract and continue to support you once you are in your new job.

Change Consulting

You will bring necessary changes to the company, your division, or your team. You will actively build upon the strengths of your corporate culture and its values in order to shape the organisation and processes of the unit you are responsible for.

You understand that HR is a key success factor for change. You will actively engage your people in the process because they are your best guarantee of success in the long run.

In cooperation with RP International you will shape the transformation smoothly and precisely. You will actively engage and successfully retain your high performers.

References (selection)

"Ralph Pesch prepared me for taking on a new role with overall responsibility in 2022 and supported me in my new key function during the first 100 days. His experience as a senior manager and CHRO was just as helpful in the coaching as his very appreciative and empathetic attitude. I still benefit from the impulses of our coaching today."

Diana E., CHRO of an international engineering service provider in the fields of automotive, aviation, energy and medical technology, Baden-Wurttemberg

"As CFO of the Hungarian unit of a German market leader in the steel industry, I very much appreciated the coaching sessions with Ralph Pesch. Through his clear interventions I successfully aligned my managerial efforts better to the business needs and could enlarge the scope of my responsibilities."

Ferenc J., CFO Steel Company, Hungary

"By working with Mr. Pesch, I was able to take on a new management role in autumn 2022. The advice from Mr. Pesch was solution-oriented and pragmatic at all times."

Stephan Heyl, Head of Human Resources at a mechanical engineering company in Bavaria

"Mr. Pesch gave me a lot of support in my professional reorientation. His methodological competence in all questions relating to recruitment and selection, his network of personnel consultants and his proven knowledge of human nature were decisive in our cooperation. I really appreciate Ralph Pesch and his advice, which was tailored to my personality, and I still consult him to this day when I have questions about my career development."

Dr. Olesya R., PhD, Head of PMO Finance, service company in the field of mobility, North Rhine-Westphalia

“Thanks to the holistic advice from Ralph Pesch, I was able to successfully change my career in 2022. As Director Channel Management, I can bring my international skills and experience to my new employer.“

Karl S., production company for glass and building cleaning, North Rhine-Westphalia

"As part of the coaching with Mr. Pesch in 2022, I managed to achieve an economic turnaround in my area of ​​responsibility. I was also able to significantly improve my leadership skills. I am very grateful for the significant support."

René M., service manager of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning company, Berlin

"Mr. Pesch supported me effectively in the Corona years 2020 and 2021 in my search for a new professional challenge. He was particularly successful in ensuring professional stringency. With his support, I was soon able to find an outstanding management position in the finance department of a medium-sized company."

Annette W., Head of Finances at an energy company, North Rhine-Westphalia

"Ralph Pesch accompanied me intensively during a professional transition phase. I am very satisfied in my new role as Head of Learning for a leading global specialist in copper and copper alloys.”

Petra K., Head of Learning, Manufacturing Company, Baden-Wurttemberg

"Mr. Pesch encouraged and supported me to use my skills as an engineer and businessman even more effectively in my professional reorientation. Thanks to our trusting and goal-oriented cooperation, I was able to take up a new position as a member of a Management Board in 2020."

Peter F., CEO of an energy company, Bavaria

"Mr. Pesch still supports me in the development of new professional options. After many years as CFO within a DAX group, I am now a successful entrepreneur and interim manager."

Markus B., Berlin

"Ralph Pesch accompanied me and my department over a long period of time. Based on the results of an employee survey, we have readjusted the divisional strategy, optimized the structure and processes and improved cooperation among managers. The very relevant impulses from Mr. Pesch were helpful in preparing us well for future entrepreneurial challenges."

Marc D., Head of Sustaining Engineering at a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology company in North Rhine-Westphalia

"Mr. Pesch supported me very successfully during my professional reorientation. The preparation and continuous support in different selection processes was very valuable for me. I have come to appreciate working with Mr. Pesch through his high level of sovereignty and clear focus."

Katja A., Head of Corporate Communications at a bank, Hesse

"Thanks to the consistent and sustainable advice from Mr. Pesch, I was able to successfully change my career in 2017. The particular strength of Mr. Pesch in career coaching was the very goal-oriented and direct approach, which led to success after a short time."

Dr. Alois F., PhD, former head of product development at an energy supply company, Switzerland

"During the career coaching process led by Ralph Pesch, I became aware that I was really looking for a more proactive role in HR. We pursued this objective with very positive results. Mr Pesch strongly supported me all along the way. I sincerely thank him."

Carmen L., former Manager Learning and Development, sports article dealer, North Rhine-Westphalia

"Ralph Pesch helped me to focus on my technical skills and personal competencies. His career coaching was personal, direct and very effective."

Hans-Georg Sch., former Head of Procurement of a mid-size company of the fashion and textile industry, Baden-Wurttemberg

"Ralph Pesch advised and supported me intensively and with great success in shaping my future career in 2014. I have been a top executive at a DAX company since January 2015."

Erik Z., former technical director of a company in the energy industry, North Rhine-Westphalia

"Through his result-oriented and efficient career advice, Mr. Pesch successfully supported me in my search for a new challenge in management. His presence and his focus in coaching released the right impulses to lead this process successfully."

Dr. Winfried G., PhD, Managing Director of a medium-sized company, Baden-Wurttemberg

"Through his methodological competence and human maturity, Ralph Pesch was able to successfully coach managers in my area and to significantly strengthen their leadership skills."

Michael N., former member of the executive board of a Swiss elevator company, Switzerland

"Due to his professional experience as HR director and managing director, Ralph Pesch has a large network and the unerring strategic focus in consulting to lead his clients to success. His pleasant and trusting manner makes him an important source of inspiration as a new placement consultant and coach for managers at the 1st and 2nd levels."

Michael J., former Vice President HR, energy company, North Rhine-Westphalia


Ralph Pesch
Owner RP International, Dusseldorf

Ralph was trained as a banker and received a Diploma in Economics from the University in Freiburg and a Bachelor of Arts from Brock University in St. Catharines, Canada. During his professional career he served as an HR Executive for several companies including the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Rexroth, VIAG Interkom, E.ON and Ferrostaal. He worked as a Board Member for E.ON Bulgaria in Varna and as a Managing Director for E.ON Engineering in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and Ratcliffe, UK.
During his professional career, Ralph studied Gestalt Psychology in Aachen, Germany and Big Sur, USA for 6 years. He became a certified Gestalt therapist in 2003.
Since 2012, Ralph has been leading his own company, RP International, located in Dusseldorf/Germany.

Barbara Andersen
Proprietor, fbi family business insights, Wien

Barbara Andersen studied at Vienna University of Business and Economics and at Management Zentrum St. Gallen. For more than 20 years she held various C-level management positions with Pierre Lang Europe and has been self-employed since 2007. She has headed up management consultancy fbi family business insights, which is active throughout Europe and based in Vienna, since 2014. Barbara Andersen studied Systemic Family Therapy at Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, concurrently with her management role.

Britta Scholz
Owner Scholz Consulting, Dusseldorf

After Britta had successfully finished her Business Studies, she worked as a sales executive in the FMCG industry for more than 18 years.
Since 2009, she has been managing change processes in companies and supporting individuals as a consultant, facilitator and coach with a focus on leadership development. She is a certified business and team Coach (ICF).

Gesa Weinand
Executive Partner New Perspective CC GmbH, Cologne

Gesa successfully worked in HR development and organizational development and as a coach for more than 20 years, including 15 years in leadership positions at Deutsche Telekom and other companies. Since 2014, she has been running her own business and offering consulting services in the areas of executive coaching, placement, career development and HR development consulting.

Dr. Christoph Kuth
Owner Consulting Partner, Bergisch Gladbach

Christoph studied geophysical and computer science and worked as an executive in HR, IT, QM and Change Management in international mid-size companies for more than 25 years. He covers businesses in the energy, telecom and automotive sectors. Christoph was trained as a lead coach and internal auditor (ISO/TS and EFQM). He has vast experience in psychometric testing.

RP International


The company name RP International does not derive from my initials, but was founded during a kayak trip on San Francisco Bay together with my long-time friend Chris Chouteau in 2010.

Chris and I met during a workscholar month at Esalen Institute in Big Sur 1993. As workscholars, we served the community and kept the business running. In the evenings, we had the opportunity to learn the basics of Gestalt psychology. One evening, our workshop leader asked us to describe the main elements of our personality now and in the future. And in order to really feel those, she asked us to act out the elements. One of my figures was a creative, progressive and at the same time wise man. In order to play the part, I borrowed some clothes from the other participants, which were much more colourful than those, I normally wore. One of the pieces were Chris’ "red pants".

Since then, the red pants have been the symbol for my personal and professional mission to enable human development through autonomy, self-determination and self-responsibility. Chris is still not only a very good and loyal friend of mine but one of my most important life mentors. Today, Chris lives with his wife Julie in Sausalito and San Francisco. I am very much looking forward to the next hike or canoe-trip with him.

Ralph Pesch

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